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"A View to a Kill"

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"A View to a Kill"
“A view to kill” is the seventh and last film in the James bond film series to star roger Moore as the fictional MI6 agent and the fourteenth film in the series over all. In this movie James bond is pitted against the French industrialist Max Zorin who wants to control the computer microchips market by causing an explosion in Silicon Valley in California. The film is directed by Albert broccoli and Michael Wilson. The film stars Roger Moore, Tanya Roberts, Grace Jones, Christopher Walken, and Patrick Macnee.
This film starts when Bond returns from his travels in the USSR with a computer chip that he discovered or recovers from the dead body of agent 003. However, this chip is not a normal chip because this chip is capable of withstanding a nuclear electromagnetic pulse that would otherwise destroy a normal chip. Bond and his superiors visit Ascot Racecourse to observe the company's owner, Max Zorin. While at the track, Zorin's horse miraculously wins the race and Godfrey Tibbett, a horse trainer, believes Zorin's horse was given drugs. However, when screened prior to the race, it did not show any signs of doping. Surprisingly, Zorin may only seem like an innocent guilty man, but is really planning to set off an earthquake in San Andreas, which will wipe out all of Silicon Valley.
As well as Zorin, Bond must also tackle May Day an equally menacing companion of Zorin, whilst dragging Stacy Sutton along for the ride as well as Scarpine, another one of Zorin's henchmen. Assisted by San Francisco City employee Stacy, Bond goes after the would-be computer magnate in a series of frightening confrontations - including fire in the SF City Hall, a wild chase through the city with Stacy at the wheel of a fire department ladder truck, and finally in a hand-to-hand fight atop San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. James Bond takes on one of his most maniacal villains to date, Max Zorin, a leading French Industrialist. Zorin plans to detonate a series of explosions in the Silicon Valley causing an earthquake so he can get his hands on the world's leading microchip market. It is up to 007 to stop him. The film climaxes with a fight on top of the golden gate bridge in California where bond emerges victorious.
The film is a perfect portrayal of power struggles in form of gender, class and race. This action-comedy film illustrates this through the use of Zorin-A wealthy French industrialist, Bond-a well trained spy, and May Day, a black woman but exceedingly dangerous when it comes to martial arts. From the early beginning, it is clear that although the film does entertain the audience, it brings out the power struggles that exist between people of different gender, race and social class. Each one of the actors wants to portray their strength in their own personal ways.
The different film chapters show how creative people have used film to give us experiences that we value. We will examine the principles and techniques that give this film its power to tell stories, express emotions, and trigger ideas while at the same time keeping us entertained. The characters and actions of the people in the film also play an important role in helping us to understand the key power struggle concepts in the film. For instance, we see that James Bond is an elderly clever and mysterious agent who is able to do things that other agents or his enemies are not able to match up. For instance, he manages to escape an ambush from Russian agents when he goes to retrieve the microchip at the beginning of the film. Secondly, we can see that although May Day is the girlfriend and key henchman of Zorin, James Bond convinces her to go with him to bed. This is a tricky situation because in such businesses or illegal operations that Zorin is involved in it looks quite tricky for someone to take such a risk knowing that they could easily be killed.
On the other hand, we see that the main antagonist, Zorin is also a very cunning businessperson. For instance, when he is explaining how he will make millions by flattening Silicon Valley and having the only supply of computer microchips, Zorin says that the “Main Strike” will be the ultimate choice. However, when one of the “to be partners,” decides to back off he is thrown out of the airship by May Day. This action makes the viewer wonder whether the “main Strike” indeed meant something else. This is because from the actions of Zorin it might appear that, the main strike may not be on Silicon Valley but on investors who may be willing to back down on the deal.
In addition, we see that Zorin is very clever because he uses his wit to know the real identity of James bond including the plan he had of killing him. First, he lures James Bond into his office and searches a database for possible matches of James Bond. After positively identifying him, he makes a plan on how he will kill him by pretending that they will have gone horse riding. Such skilful plans of action can only be present or acquired by people with stakes and this power struggle seems to be rather mental than physical.
The day after Bond sleeps with May Day Zorin invites him to his office and asks him whether he slept well. Noticing that Zorin knows about it Bond replies by saying that he was rather restless but he was finally able to wake up. This is another indication of the power struggle strategies that people use to answer questions to confirm the accusation while at the same time not being explicit about it.
In another incidence when Zorin Shoots the mayor he tells him that James Bond and Sutton had come to kill him and they accidentally perished in the fire. At this instance, the mayor tells Zorin that if that were the case then he would be …before he finishes the statement Zorin shoots him and finishes the statement that he would be “dead”. We can also see that Zorin is not willing to lose at any instance and he goes at any length to ensure that he achieves what he wants. This is also evidenced in his horseracing involvements. In this case, Zorin ensures that his horses are boosted with adrenaline to ensure that they outperform those of his competitors. This ensures that Zorin will continue to reap profits from horse racing because he is already aware of the winning horses by the time he places his bets.
One thing that is clear in the movie is the fact that although the cast belongs to different cultural backgrounds they all seems to fit in well with people from other cultures as is portrayed in the movie by the director although racial and class boundaries are clearly visible.
Regardless of the power struggles that exist between the actors from different classes, races, and gender, it is clear that only the wisest of them win. Thus, we see that at the end although Zorin has much money and ability to hire professional killers, he is not able to accomplish his mission because in the course of the film, people switch sides causing other people’s plans to falter. Thus, in summary we can say that regardless of the fact that there exist power struggles between people from different cultural, racial, or class settings, it is a single person’s hard work and determination that can really determine who ends up victorious.

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